Discover Who You Are as a Learner

If you are like many students, you may lack awareness about your own particular strengths and weaknesses as a learner. You may use the same old study strategies you used in high school. You may not have thought carefully about your learning style and preferences. Or, you may be unsure about your ability to succeed in an online course.

The following sections provide you with tools that can help you discover who you are as a learner.

Assess Your Study Skills and Habits

    In order to improve your study skills, it is helpful to learn more about your personal study habits. Take a few moments to complete the following survey which will assess your study strengths and weaknesses.

    Select any of the following statements that describe you. At the end of the survey, you will receive a personalized report indicating the steps you can take to improve your study habits and become a stronger learner.

    For a script of this assessment that works with text-to-speech software, click here.

Identify Your Learning Styles

    Each person learns differently. Not everyone enjoys listening to lectures or reading. Some students remember information by picturing it in their heads while others prefer to write notes from a textbook while they read. Some people prefer to work in groups while others prefer to work on their own.

    You may already have a sense of the type of learner you are. However, if you are unsure or want to confirm your learning style, take a few minutes to access one of these surveys: What's Your Learning Style? or What is My Personal Learning Style?

    Once you know more about your learning style, you can identify and apply strategies that maximize your strengths.

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

    If you are currently taking or thinking about taking an online course, you may wonder whether elearning is right for you. Online students require a unique combination of skills, some that are related to being a student and others that are more technical in nature.

    To learn more about your readiness for online learning, check out the following quiz:

    Self-Assessment Quiz

    This interactive questionnaire is designed to determine whether or not online learning will work for you. There are twenty questions that should take about five minutes to complete. Click on the image below to begin:

    Please Note: This quiz is best viewed on a desktop browser with Firefox or Chrome. It may not display properly on tablets and mobile devices.

    For other assessments (that work with text-to-speech software), check out the Technical Skills Quiz and the Student Skills Quiz.